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22 Jan 2019

We are always asks ‘How it Works?’.  We always answer ‘Very Well’ but that not seem to satisfy them.

To this end will try answer this with what the problem is and what our solution is.

Problem:         How to get Excel supported files (csv, xls, xlsx, tab delimited) of data into QuickBooks?

Excel file types has been used for a long time as a way of transferring information.  Many systems have an export capability to product these files.  Customers may use Excel to create templates for their sales people who do not have QuickBooks. This information needs to be ‘imported’ into QuickBooks but QuickBooks cannot import transactions. So how is this to be done?

Solution:         AaaTeX’s TransImporter


22 Jan 2019

We are always asks ‘How it Works?’.  We always answer ‘Very Well’ but that not seem to satisfy them.

To this end will try answer this with what the problem is and what our solution is.

Problem:         How to get their Web eCommerce orders sales into QuickBooks?

First there are thousands of systems in the market place. Some are called Shopping Carts some eCommerce systems.  Some are commercially available that you get from the web either via a purchase, rental or free. But not matter what they are called they are get customer orders from the Internet.  These customer orders (sales) must eventually get into their accounting system i.e. QuickBooks.

Solution:         The AaaTeX Shopping Cart Integrator...

22 Jan 2019

In the previous articles we discussed some basis of the IIF files, some ways of exporting and importing lists (i.e. customer, vendors, items, etc) ,transactions (i.e. Invoices, Sales Receipts, Bills, Payments, Checks, etc.).


Let us now summarize.

  1. Cannot be used with QuickBooks Online or cloud computing  (use our IIFImporter instead).
  2. QuickBooks IIF files for lists (i.e. Customers, Vendors, Item, etc.) are generally simple and can be exported from and Imported into QuickBooks.
  3. You can ‘easily’ create an IIF file for lists in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Office Excel.
  4. There are some risks with the QuickBooks IIF import (NOT with our IIFImporter)
  5. No logs of activity for either errors or what is imported.
  6. No notice...

16 Jan 2019

In this article we will discuss how to Export (getting data OUT of) of QuickBooks.

You CANNOT export IIF files from QuickBooks Online.

First why do you want to Export data.  This can be to transfer data from 1 QuickBooks to another.  Sometimes handy to get to start a new company file or create a test company.

There are 2 basic types of data that you might want to get OUT OF (Export) QuickBooks.  Lists such as customers, items, vendors, etc. and Transactions as invoices, receipts, bills, etc.

You CANNOT export transactions in an IIF format from QuickBooks. So you cannot transfer transactions from 1 QuickBooks to another in this way.  There are some 3rd party programs that can help but it is NOT native to...

7 Jan 2019

Probably everyone has now heard of horror stories associated with getting data from one system into another and perhaps even a third.  This double and maybe triple entering of the same data is a killer of time, money and nerves.  No only does it take much time (and therefore money) but it can also cause errors due to the human making mistakes – and we are all human.

The answer to this is to allow 1 document (the source) to be the real source of the information and then have it go into all the various systems and components in your business. We will address in this article the idea that information once it is in electronic form can be imported into QuickBooks.

The most common of these today is web based...

7 Jan 2019

You CANNOT export IIF files from QuickBooks Online.  You cannot natively import IIF files into QuickBooks Online but you can with our IIFImporter.

You should know what the ONLY way to import transactions into QuickBooks natively (without a 3rd party program) is with IIF, web connect file or bank download (QuickBookso) file.  Normal xls or csv files will NOT import transactions. You can use our TransImporter for that.

Each transaction type will have a slightly different format.  We cannot go into all the different types and formats but just the basics.  Please check with the QuickBooks Help, Reference Guide to Importing for more information.

A transaction will consist of 3 different row types.

TRNS for the...

2 Jan 2019

Everyone has heard of Cloud Computing and terms as Hosted, SaaS and PaaS. But what do they mean in reference to QuickBooks.

First Cloud Computer is just that the computers are on some system that is available via Internet Access.  Just like a web based application in many cases.  If a company sells their application program as a service via access of the Internet it is Software as a Service (SaaS).  SaaS can be extended  to include portions of the operating system or Platform and is known as Platform as a Service (PaaS).  A Hosted environment is where the operating system is provided for you with certain software products. This is called a Platform.  So this would be aPaaS.  Citrix and VMWare are becoming popular...

25 Dec 2018

Many times you have a need to import a Microsoft Office Excel type of file (xls, xlsx, csv, or tab delimited) file into QuickBooks. In many cases this files are use to do your billing.  The faster you get your billing into QuickBooks the faster you can send out bills and get your revenue.

These files could either be manually created by someone in your office or be generated but another system.  Such systems could be web site online stores or eCommerce systems or a another program on your desktop or web, or it can come from your suppliers or customers or EDI (Electronic Data Interface).  We have seen files from ServiceCEO, Xerox PagePack, IntouchPOS and others.

Many people now just try to re-type this data into...

25 Dec 2018

Channel Advisor is an eCommerce system that assist in managing your eCommerce channels i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.  It does a good job of this but ‘How do you get the orders into your QuickBooks?’, you might ask.

The Integrator solves this problem not by integrating each channel (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.) but by integrating directly with Channel Advisor.

When Channel Advisor asked us to integrate with QuickBooks several years ago we were one of the only  company to provide a solution.

The Integrator supports both 1 way (downloading orders into QuickBooks) and 2 way (uploading into Channel Advisor).  Uploading includes both simple updating of a products SKU’s quantity on hand from QuickBooks and more complex the...

18 Dec 2018

One of the most frequent uses of Importing in QuickBooks is to get your web orders into QuickBooks.

There may be many reasons why you want to do this depending on what your web store software (shopping cart, eCommerce or CRM) does and how you use QuickBooks (accounting only, fulfillment or order management).  Some systems call this syncing or synching others integrating, exporting, download, etc.

Many eCommerce systems and shopping cart software companies say that they integrate with QuickBooks but how? Here are the questions you should ask:

  1. Does they just provide a file (i.e. IIF File, or csv file)?  And then you have to figure out how to import it into QuickBooks.
  2. Do you have to request the orders by date or order number...