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16 Jan 2019

In this article we will discuss how to Export (getting data OUT of) of QuickBooks.

You CANNOT export IIF files from QuickBooks Online.

First why do you want to Export data.  This can be to transfer data from 1 QuickBooks to another.  Sometimes handy to get to start a new company file or create a test company.

There are 2 basic types of data that you might want to get OUT OF (Export) QuickBooks.  Lists such as customers, items, vendors, etc. and Transactions as invoices, receipts, bills, etc.

You CANNOT export transactions in an IIF format from QuickBooks. So you cannot transfer transactions from 1 QuickBooks to another in this way.  There are some 3rd party programs that can help but it is NOT native to...

25 Dec 2018

Many times you have a need to import a Microsoft Office Excel type of file (xls, xlsx, csv, or tab delimited) file into QuickBooks. In many cases this files are use to do your billing.  The faster you get your billing into QuickBooks the faster you can send out bills and get your revenue.

These files could either be manually created by someone in your office or be generated but another system.  Such systems could be web site online stores or eCommerce systems or a another program on your desktop or web, or it can come from your suppliers or customers or EDI (Electronic Data Interface).  We have seen files from ServiceCEO, Xerox PagePack, IntouchPOS and others.

Many people now just try to re-type this data into...